Service Overview

We offer single or multiple analogue business lines, with standard voice capabilities, between your business premises and the Telkom SA switch. Our range of products and services are designed to assist your business and enhance your calling experience.
The monthly line rental for a business service (exchange connection) includes 100 minutes (50 Telkom to Telkom on-net and 50 Telkom fixed to Telkom mobile). Not applicable to business customers with calling and/or discount plans and unused minutes will not be carried over to the following month.

Business Basic Voice 12 month term contract

Order your business voice line and receive free installation when you sign-up for a 12 month term. For your loyalty with Telkom Business we will reward you with free installation.  You may order by either phoning 10217 or complete the application form available under “Order” and submit your documentation to the closest Telkom Direct shop.

Please Note:

Should you terminate the contract before the 12 month period has expired, the installation charge which was applicable on the date the service was installed becomes payable, and shall be debited in full to your account.

*This offer is only applicable for Business customers.

*This offer is also applicable to ISDN Basic rate access and DSL.

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