Hosted Business Telephony

Hosted Business Telephony (HBT) provides enhanced PBX features over your broadband Internet connection without the need to invest in costly business telephone systems. The service brings feature-rich functionality, traditionally only available to big business, to the small and medium business market, in a convenient and affordable manner.
HBT does away with the complexity of typical PBX systems, offering a simple yet effective telephony solution that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Add or remove features and extensions as your business needs evolve, with minimum impact and maximum benefit.
HBT is a few small steps away from a true unified communications experience, so you’re assured of a future-proof business communications solution that is delivered and managed from within Telkom’s carrier grade network.

Features of Hosted Business Telephony

Available in three Service Options or Feature Packs which extend PBX features that are hosted in the Telkom cloud down to the end user device (IP phones and soft clients).
  • Business Line
An entry-level package that provides simple telephony with a limited feature set to suit the most common requirements.
  • Business Line – Plus
This pack provides the basic services plus voicemail (including voicemail to email).
This is ideal for most situations where you cannot afford to miss a call.
  • Business Line – Premium
A comprehensive package of both standard telephony services and advanced features, such as call-routing profiles, simultaneous ring and remote office functionality. It is ideal for executives, support staff and mobile workers.

How can Hosted Business Telephony Benefit your business?

  • Telkom offers a one-stop maintenance service. If you experience any problems, you only need to make a phone call and the fault will be attended to, regardless of whether the fault is due to the Hosted Business Telephony system or the access line.
  • Since this is a hosted solution, our technicians can test and program the system from their service centres. Problems with the system can therefore be traced and often repaired remotely without the technician having to visit your premises.
  • Repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently, without causing any inconvenience or disruptions.
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