Product overview

Welcome to ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) – one of the most extensively used digital communication tools in the world today. ISDN provides digital connectivity; enabling customers to establish digital end-to-end connections through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This digital dial-up service enables users to transmit information such as voice, data, video and images over a telephone line. Communicating with digital, instead of traditional analogue technology, results in higher speed, capacity and productivity, as well as crystal clear voice and sound quality.

Three ISDN products – ISDN2, ISDN2a and ISDN30 – are available for Business Access, and they are classified as:

  • Basic Rate Access (BRA) – ISDN2 & ISDN2a or,
  • Primary Rate Access (PRA) – ISDN30.
Basic Rate Access (BRA) is used when two channels are required, and consists of two products ISDN2 (used for digital equipment) and ISDN2a (used for digital and analogue equipment). BRA offers two 64 kbps channels (or 128 kbps when bonded) and one 16 kbps channel (known as the D Channel). The B Channel may be used for voice; data, video or image communications by the user and the D channel is used for signalling. The two B Channels that are available can be used simultaneously and independently, for example; you may use the Internet, receive a phone call, send or receive a fax – any two at the same time
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Primary Rate Access (PRA) is used when thirty channels are required. The ISDN30 service is applicable and offers 30 B Channels of 64 kbps each and one 64 kbps D Channel, which is used for signalling.
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